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Nuneaton & North Warwickshire Family History Society

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Let’s all help!

Committee Helpers

Can you help?  NNWFHS is a not-for-profit voluntary group - and being a voluntary group it needs volunteers including willing souls to join the committee.  Committee members each bring their own special knowledge and skill to the committee; jobs tend to devolve to the individual with the most relevant skill for the task in hand, which can be anything from providing tea and coffee at events to co-ordinating a major project.  We like to put round pegs into round holes!

There are a number of vacancies on the committee and we would dearly like to welcome some new faces.  Can you join and take part?  Do let us know if you would like to offer to join the committee.  Please contact Jacqui Simkins 


Do you realise the labour of love that goes into producing indexes, transcriptions and all those other wonderful goodies available to help you, the family historian?  Do you realise that these fantastically helpful aids come about through the labours of a few stalwarts – the few who do so much for so many?  Indexes and transcriptions can only “happen” through the voluntary work of you – whether a member or a supporter – plus the wizardry of our publications manager.

Why don’t you join the few?  It is very rewarding to see your work appearing in print, knowing it will help many other family historians.  You can also learn much about the parish you are transcribing – and this can also help you see the wider picture if your forebears were in the same area.

The Nuneaton & North Warwickshire Family History Society publishes a range of items that includes a series of booklets dealing with burials.  Although referred to as "surname indexes", these booklets are fully transcribed burial registers printed in a tabulated format listed in surname order.  These booklets are popular and useful; they can resolve place of burial and even prove a burial took place; they can even save you wasting £10 per incorrect death certificate!  Hence, NNWFHS's publications are worth their weight in gold (even at today's gold prices!) but they can only “happen” through the voluntary work of you - our members and supporters. 


The plea is to all who can spend a few hours now and then actually transcribing.  This task is not particularly arduous for burial records - some rural parishes had only a few burials each year.  We currently are completing the 1813-1851 periods for the parishes in our patch; when that is accomplished, the earlier burials will be considered. For marriages, the initial thrust is 1754-1837, but for the less busy rural parishes we continue through to about WWI. You need to have access to the data – which is generally available in selected libraries, the county record office and, of course, via the LDS Family History Centres – so you do not need to live in north Warwickshire to help with transcription work.

As usual with projects of this type, you need to use an Excel (or OpenOffice equivalent) spreadsheet that is devised by NNWFHS - so before you disappear off and start work, contact the Society and we will gladly provide details!!  Our burials and marriages co-ordinators will be delighted to hear from all volunteers.

However, those who do not use computers can also help with this project providing you can transcribe in a good neat hand easily read by others.  Then a "computer buddy" has to be found who can type your transcribed entries.  This enables someone who has a computer and typing skills, but who is unable to get out to visit libraries and repositories, to be involved too - are you that person? 

We also need volunteers with a keen eye for accuracy and detail to check the typed transcriptions.      If you can help, do please let us know.

So, can you  help please? Join the few – and help many! Contact Jacqui Simkins 

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