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Nuneaton Riversley Park WW1 War Memorial

Men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment

In memory of the brave men of Nuneaton and neighbourhood who gave their lives for their King and Country in the Great War 1914 - 1919


Rank Last Name First
 Lt Col   KNOX DSO  James M
 Captain  MURRAY  Norman C
 2/Lt  HILL  Henry T
 2/Lt  JOSEPH  Alan E P
 Sergeant  ASTILL  Albert T
Sergeant Barber C W
Sergeant Buckler H
Sergeant Davies C W
Sergeant Fuller R J
Sergeant Hall T S 
Sergeant Hextall H H
Sergeant Holdom
Sergeant Leedham H
Sergeant Marshall E
Sergeant Maycock W
Sergeant Morgan S G
Sergeant Musson G
Sergeant Wagstaffe W
Corporal Biggs G C
Corporal Brogden
Rank Last Name First
Corporal Haas W
Corporal Hogg V
Corporal Lapworth C
Corporal Ley W W
Corporal Moore H
Corporal Page C M
Corporal Rushton G W
Corporal Surman E A
Corporal Wykes F
Corporal Yeomans J
L/Cpl Earnes W E
L/Cpl Batho R T
L/Cpl Briggs H H
L/Cpl Burrow T
L/Cpl Chapman C
L/Cpl Jones I
L/Cpl Knight A E V
L/Cpl Labrum J J
L/Cpl Nixon T P
L/Cpl Ozierbrook J H
Rank Last Name First
L/Cpl Pickering A
L/Cpl Rowland A
L/Cpl Suter F W
Private Adcock A
Private Allen W
Private Amos E
Private Bacon J R
Private Balding
Private Ball H G
Private Batchelor J
Private Bates H
Private Bates W
Private Bayliss A
Private Beardsmore G H
Private Beasley B
Private Beasley C L
Private Biffin A S
Private Bingham J W
Private Bousfield S
Private Bradford F
 Rank Last Name First
Private Bratt
Private Brown W H
Private Browning J H
Private Buckler Frederick H
Private Buckley F H
Private Clarke J
Private Cleobury E
Private Coley G
 Private  COLLEDGE  William
Private Cooper T C
Private Cooper F
Private Corbitt E
Private Cowburn H
Private Cross E K L
Private Daffern A
Private Daffern W
Private Davenport B
Private Davies J
Private Davies P
Private Day F J
 Rank Last Name First
Private Deacon W
Private Dewis S
Private Dickinson C
Private Downs A H
Private Duckett J
Private Dykes A
Private Ellis W D
Private Emmett R B
Private Everall G H
Private Fairbrother F J
Private Farmer A
Private Faulkner J
Private Flood J
Private Flowers
Private Fletcher E A
Private Ford L
Private Freeman A D
Private Freeman F
Private Gamble G
Private Garratt J
 Rank Last Name First
Private Garratt D
Private Gilliver E
Private Greenfield J E
Private Guest T
Private Hackett C A
Private Hall D
Private Hall W
Private Hankinson T
Private Hardiman W
Private Harley A
Private Harris T
Private Harvey F W
Private Hayes T E
Private Haywood C W
Private Healey J
Private Hill J T
Private Hobbs J A
Private Hodgson C
Private Hopkins J
Private Horobin A
 Rank Last Name First
Private Howlett W R
Private Hudson W
Private Ison H
Private Ison E T
Private Jauncey J
Private Jennings E
Private Jones W J
Private Keatley J
Private Keen G
Private Keys W H
Private Knight E R
Private Knight A E
Private Lapworth B W
Private Lord H C
Private McDonagh W H
Private Mallabone J
Private Marles F E
Private Martin E
Private Martin W G
Private Mayer A
 Rank Last Name First
Private Meigh A E
Private De Meza C
Private Middleton R B
Private Millerchip J
Private Moore W
Private Moore J W
Private Moore T
Private Moon A
Private Newcombe W
Private Nixon A
Private Norris F
Private Oram F
Private Orton A J
Private Overton E A
Private Owen J T
Private Padbury J
Private Parker F
Private Paston C
Private Paul T J
Private Paybody H
 Rank Last Name First
Private Percival P J
Private Philpot M
Private Pickering J W
Private Podmore F
Private Poole
Private Potter A
Private Potter
Private Probert A
Private Randle A
Private Randle G
Private Rayson J A
Private Rooke P H
Private Rowley J
Private Rowley
Private Rowley A
Private Russell S
Private Sharpe F P
Private Sheffield T W H
Private Sidwell T
Private Slack J
 Rank Last Name First
Private Smith W C
Private Smith R
Private Stokes
Private Stokes T
Private Suffolk T
Private Sutton A L
Private Taylor J E
Private Train E
Private Trevis A
Private Twigger A
Private Wainwright R
Private Wagstaff T H
Private Walker T
Private Walton J J
Private Warren J
Private Washbourne E
Private Wyles B
Private Wilson T E
Private Wilson A
Private Windridge G
Private Wright E
Private Yeomans J O

Names with hyperlinks have life stories attached

If you have any information about any of the men listed on this memorial that you would like to have published in our Life Stories section, or if you would like to take part in any of our indexing projects please contact the War Memorials project co-ordinator.

Transcribed from the Memorial and © Kate Keens. Photo Kate Keens

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